Sunday, April 30, 2006

Facts about Coca-Cola Blak:

- It comes in a small, glass bottle.
- It costs $1.85.
- It is supposedly a combination of coffee and Coca-Cola.
- It has a deeply unpleasant, disturbingly strong caramel flavor.
- Despite its name, it is at least as brown as regular Coca-Cola.
- If it were a person it would stay at a party while the host is cleaning up and not offer to help.
- I will not be giving up my morning Diet Coke for it.
- People who make buckets of money thought Coca-Cola Blak was a great idea.
- Spelling reform advocate and playwright George Bernard Shaw would partially approve of its name, because it removes the redundant "c" in "black," but would suggest that the Coca-Cola company hasn't gone far enough, and that "Koka-Kola Blak" would be more consistent.


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