Saturday, April 01, 2006

Food Goes Here: Fried Candy Bars

[This is an old experiment, but, well...really, I just can't help myself. I don't have a recipe - basically, I just made a generic "batter" and let the rest happen naturally (Is frying candy in my blood? Was I meant to be a carny?). I believe I'll let the pictures do the explaining. Oh, if you want to try this, but not try this at home, you can do so at A Salt and Battery.]

The Participants:
Freeze for Thrity Minutes:
Make Batter:
Fry Away:
The Finished Products:
The Milky Way:
The Snickers (and Friends):
The Aftermath:

[Okay, so I know it might be kind of (or maybe very) gross looking, but they tasted like manna. I hope I never do it again. Oh, and the Snickers was the best.]

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