Thursday, April 13, 2006

Problem & Solution

Problem: You bought a desk via craigslist and the former owner was a heavy, heavy smoker.

Solution: Baking soda.

[Desk says: I may look pretty, but if I were a cartoon, there'd be wavy stink lines all over me.]

[Drawer says: We don't want to smell like this.]

[Baking Soda says: Don't believe the Arm & Hammer hype! All Baking Soda is chemically identical. Key Food brand will do just fine...]

[...and boy are we a bargain!]

[Aluminum Tray says: I am made of Aluminum. My atomic number is lucky 13!]
[Baking Soda says: Whee!]

[Aluminum Tray says: Time to settle down and get to work, Baking Soda.]

[Aluminum Tray, Baking Soda, and Desk Drawer shout in unison: Symmetry is AWESOME!]

[Baking Soda thinks to itself: I shall never leaven a delicious cake or cookie recipe.]

[pictures: franklin / text: k]

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