Friday, April 14, 2006

Hypothetical Sufjan Stevens Albums - No. 7

Sufjan Stevens Presents: New Jersey, The Garden State

1 - To All My Heroes (Including the Boss, Bon Jovi, and Whitney Houston) or Frank Sinatra, Where Are You Now, or How to Pretend You Didn’t Grow Up In East Paterson
2 - Neptune! Deal! Asbury Park! Point Pleasant! But Watch Out For Syringes and Other Assorted Garbages!
3 - The Jersey Devil: Pt. 1: Building Commerce On Swamplands; Pt. 2 A Mickey Mouse Club Wins the Cup
4 - Thomas Alva Edison
5 - Oh, Mary, Where Are You in Relation to The Sbarros on this Side of the Short Hills Mall?
6 - When You Say “Let’s Go to The City” Do You Mean Philly or New Yawk? or Is This Really All of Princeton? Or Newark, Star Ledger, I Cannot Stomach to Read Your 3rd Grade Sports Reporters or No Way, I Went To Rutgers, Too, How About Them Grease Trucks
7 - My Long Lost Cousin Says The Urine Smell Is a Figment of My Imagination but Something Is Coming Out Of That Pabst Blue Ribbon Factory Near the Cemetery Off Of The Garden State Parkway And I Fear It Might Upset Former Governor and EPA Director Christie Whitman
8 - How Many Toll Booths? Jughandles? Traffic Circles? Gas Is Not Self Served
9 - Atlantic City, or Somewhere Here Stands the Last Lenape Indian, or W-w-w-w-watch the Tram Car Please

[from ravitz]

[Click here for the complete (so far) Hypothetical Sufjan discography.]


Alayna said...
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Alayna said...

I think a "What's Your Exit? Is That On The Turnpike Or The Parkway?" one is well as something foodcentric considering Jersey has tons of things that are pretty much only available here or were made here first (ex. yoo-hoo, taylor ham, Italian hot dogs/deep fried hot dogs).

And if I could also suggest a change to #4, "Thomas Alva Edison's Original Lightbulb Blew Out, But All His Chemical Waste Is Still Permeating The Ground"