Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Poetry Spam

Sweet Calibration


Mjyvat Jshenterprisenet

Illustrate opaque of
slippery as fishy
vivaciously flaming
to markdown the catch swum
Blatantly jaundiced M,
and a facade Supreme Court.
to yard sale aid entirety
canvass a foul pasture.

Gingerbread shortly and penalty
mother-in-law ferociously
espouse rivalry
and mystify their South America.

Colonial whichever,
rock and roll
shift with sigh,
and critter straightforward
the occult-a-wilt.

A camper as veteran
the well-off accident-prone
affluence charm
of kerosene with firefighter.

symmetry on smoked,
trivial and disaffected.
Circumstantial mockingbird,
childcare alternative
as principally preeminence
as indivisible with great-grandparent.
spendthrift elaboration
stifle incidence cultivation.

Living as quarrelsome:
New World menopause shorthand.

[It's something of a cliche that the nonsense strings of words in Spam are almost poetic, but I couldn't help myself this morning. This one seemed particularly ripe (it did require some light editing). I like to think of this as "an imagistic critique of US foreign and domestic policies."]

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Rachel said...

I thought I was the only one who discovered/saved the Spam Poetry that worms its way into my Inbox! My favourite titles thus far have been "conversely kettle" and "everyone. exists."; my favourite piece is the very first SP that I received:

being thats we thats explain? force evening or night.
being again here being sandwich happened?
beautiful human fire how not?
least few already not, respect here how?
pride across parents slow wife yours. music companion reply.