Thursday, March 23, 2006

Music + Video, pt. 2

Loose Fur is a Wilco offshoot, that seems (right now, anyway), to be specializing the more rawkin' part of Wilco. You can view the video for the new Loose Fur single "Hey, Chicken" here. It's pretty great and uses visuals from The Power Rangers TV show. Enjoy! Oh, and the new album's been getting pretty good reviews. Hoo-ray!

[An aside: Trying to figure how many bands share a link to Uncle Tupelo. Wilco and Son Volt, natch. Jay Farrar, and Jeff Tweedy's solo work (natch, again). Golden Smog (does this's not really a group?). If you go from Golden Smog you've got the Replacements, the Jayhawks, Big Star, and Soul Asylum. Loose Fur and the Minus 5 (again, does Minus 5, count?). From Wilco, you can go to Jim O'Rourke and Sonic Youth. And John Stirratt's Autumn Defense (pretty). And Jay Bennett's solo work (meh). And Billy Bragg. And the Posies via the re-incarnated Big Star. From the Minus 5, you've got the Young Fresh Fellows and REM. And I'm sure a dozen bands I've never heard of, but I think that's enough nerdery for today. Oh wait: The Box Tops ("My baby, she wrote me a letter.") via Big Star. And Chris Bell solo material. Does it count as showing off if you're not impressing anyone...and making yourself sad in the process? Hey, this aside is longer than the main bit! I feel like David Foster Wallace. But not as talented or insightful. Or as published. Sigh.]

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