Monday, March 13, 2006

A Million Ways to be Super-Terrific

[OK GO is a band from Chicago that got a good amount of airplay a few years ago with "Get Over it" (memory jog: "G-g-g-g-get over it"). Their video for "A Million Ways to Be Cruel" is terrific, but is no match for the imagination of a child. And by "imagination," I mean "near-robotic mimicry."]




[Unrelatedly, it looks like
the lead singer of the band, Damian Kulash, was arrested recently for, umm, standing around and stuff. From the site: "he'd like to address two rumors that have sprung up on the Internet in the last 24 hours: No, he wasn't drunk; and Yes, he did get the arresting officer to watch the 'A Million Ways' video on the on-board computer. If that's not awesome, awesome doesn't exist." Hear, hear!]

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april said...

k -- i want to see you make your own video while wearing your steak 'n shake hat. Please?