Friday, March 24, 2006

Topeka, KS - MCMLVIII - pt. 1 of 2

-So, how was Topeka c. 1958?
-How was it?! How was it?! Why: Glorious, mostly. Topeka c. 1958 was, well, Topeka c. 1958!

-Oh, wow! Sounds exciting!
-It was! After a quick stroll down Kansas Avenue...

...I headed straight over to the VA Hospital!

-The VA Hospital! Sounds thrilling!
-It was! Why, it's made of rectangles!
-Yes, rectangles! It was so great, I just had to see it from the air! So, I ran over to Forbes Air Force Base...

...and hopped in a helicopter to get an even better view of the VA Hospital!

-Wow! So many rectangles!
-That's what I thought!
-Where did you go next?
-Well, I just had to see Downtown from my godlike perch!
-Godlike! Did you judge people?
-You better believe it!
-Even the lawmakers in the State Capitol?
-Even the lawmakers.

-Who else did you judge?
-Why, the beatniks at Washburn University!

-Were there a lot of beatniks?
-Only two. But I gave them such a judging.
-Oh, wow! Topeka c. 1958 sounds amazing!

-It was, but there's more to Topeka c. 1958.
-Yes, more!


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