Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hypothetical Sufjan Stevens Albums - No. 1

New York, New York - It's a Helluva State

1 - Mannahatta or Walt Whitman's Ferry Comes Bearing Beads and Trinkets
2 - Broadway Lights Shine for You
3 - Scarsdale! Bronxville! Rye! (White Flight Rules the Suburbs!!!)
4 - Buffalo City or Norman Mailer States the Obvious
5 - Dutch Schultz Sings the Blues as Joey Noe Fades Away at Roosevelt Hospital
6 - Part 1 - New York, New York (They Named you Twice) - Part 2 - Gotham City Reveals its True Nature in Central Park at Dawn
7 - Niagara Falls and Slips through my Fingers
8 - Seagulls Feed at the Staten Island Landfill, Hawks Return to Central Park, Pigeons Nest in my Air Conditioner in Brooklyn
9 - I'd Buy a House in Yonkers (Lottery)
10 - Skaneatles
11 - Suburban Tracksuits Represented by a Collection of Swishing Noises (Long Island Lolita, I Hear You!)
12 - The Yankees Win or a Bronx Cheer for the Underdog
13 - Jimmy Breslin Writes an Article and I Read it While Waiting for my Subway to Arrive in the Late 1970s
14 - The Harlem Renaissance (125th Street Awakens!)
15 - St. John the Divine

[For those playing at home who may be unfamiliar with Mr. Stevens, take a look at the tracklistings of
this album and this album. They are the first two in his "50 States Project." Once you've done that, go buy "Illinois," because it is terrific. Everyone agrees.]

[Click here for the complete (so far) Hypothetical Sufjan discography.]


Anonymous said...

Way, way, way, way, wayyyyy too NYC-centric (although your name definitely shows that you have the NYC bias, so I understand)...

However. There is no way anyone could write a STATE themed album with only three songs that focus north of the Tappan Zee Bridge. And not a one that focuses on the State Capital? Or the city with the greatest name ever (Schenectady)?

I admire your attempt to shove Sufjan further down the artistic trail. But come on, dude - it's around 500 miles along the New York State Thruway from Nyack to the Westfield line.

Anonymous said...

No 9/11 song?

J Epstein said...

I fell strongly that Yaphank and Ronkonkoma are better names than Schenectady.


[The Briefcase] said...

"niagra falls and slips through my fingers" i very much like that one. this is legitimate stuff here. was that guy joking? i don't think it matters that the songs are "too nyc-centric". pssshhh

Cabiria said...

I have to agree. I'm born and bred Brooklyn, but I also know that a lot of the state is pretty rural, actually. Not even suburban. But yes. YAY for Sufjan.

Anonymous said...

@ skaneateles...if sufjan wrote a song about my hometown I would jizz in my pants to hard y'all don't even KNOW.