Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hypothetical Sufjan Stevens Albums - No. 2

Connecticut: The New England Tri-State!

1 - Wallace Stevens And His Thirteen Ways
2 - Charles Ives Conducts the American Spirit
3 - The Foliage Turns, then Falls to Earth
4 - The Merit Parkway and The Mystic Seaport
5 - Patriot Day is Celebrated as a Matter of Course
6 - Fairfield, Oh! So Far Afield!
7 - Stratford-on-the-Housatonic or William Shakespeare Lives on in the Rivers of Connecticut
8 - The Greatest Show on Earth! (A Believer’s Born Every Minute)
9 - Noah Webster Charts the Course or The American Tongue is Brash and Reckless
10 - Charlie Parker Said that after New York, Every Other City is Bridgeport...Let's Prove Him Right!
11 - A Connecticut Yankee in the Court of Your Heart
12 - Part 1 - Benedict Arnold and the Burning of New London - Part 2 - The General Dynamics Plant Across the River is All That’s Keeping the Kids Around
13 - Stamford, You are More than the Mall That Defines You
14 - Skull and Bones
15 - A New Haven for Both of us

[For those playing at home who may be unfamiliar with Mr. Stevens, take a look at the tracklistings of
this album and this album. They are the first two in his "50 States Project." Once you've done that, go buy "Illinois," because it is terrific. Everyone agrees.]

[Click here for the complete (so far) Hypothetical Sufjan discography.]


kosimar said...

hey, we new london kids stick around for the rock. working at eb is so over!!!

seriously, tho, nice list!!! i'm a big wallace stevens fan myself (as well as a sufjan geek)!

woj said...

what, no song about barkhamstead? or the casinos? or the quiet corner? the latter, actually, is probably the only one which would merritt (hah) the sufjan treatment.

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