Saturday, March 25, 2006

Topeka, KS - MCMLVIII - pt. 2 of 2

[Before you proceed, you should make sure that you've read pt. 1 here.]


-What did you do next?

-I headed over to the Rose Garden.
-What did you do there?
-Umm. Looked at roses, mostly.

-And then what?
-Headed over to the Senior High School.
-How was the Senior High School?
-Like everything else in Topeka c. 1958, it was amazing!
-'Cos. It just was, okay.

-And then we went to the Post Office.
-The Post Office.
-We have a Post Office here.
-I know that.
-Did you have to mail something?
-Not really.
-You just went to the Post Office.

-You seemed so excited before. What happened?
-I dunno. It was kind of an act.
-An act?
-Yeah. I guess. I dunno.
-I mean: Where'd you go next? An office building.
-Yes. I went to an office building. Happy?
-Actually, no.

-And I went and looked at another office building.
-Jesus Christ.

-Then we went to the pool in Gage Park.
-You're depressing me.
-We saw a woman with an amazing tan line.
-Wow. A tan line.

-But then. We went to Monkey Island.
-It's an island with monkeys on it.
-That's fucking amazing.
-I know. And they live in like an adobe apartment building.
-That's really weird.

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