Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hypothetical Sufjan Stevens Albums - No. 4

Massachusetts: A State at Bay

1 - Moneyed Liberals' Chorus: K-E-N-N-E-D-Y
2 - It was a City on the Hill or The Ghost of John Winthrop Wakes me up at Night in Fright
3 - Walking down the Freedom Trail and What Paul Revere Found There
4 - Tea Party?
5 - A Man in the Woods by a Pond (Not Paying Taxes)
6 - Jack Kero-whack (or A Little Urban Rhyme with Pan Flute, Banjo, and Recorder)
7 - Young Goodman Brown
8 - Oh, Abigail, Why Must you Lie? Cause so Many to Die (1692)
9 - Marriage: It's Legal for Everyone Here
10 - I Don't Know Much about Jazz, so Here's a Tribute to the Taylor Family: James, Kate, Hugh, Sally, and Ben
11 - The Best Deep Fried Seafood on Good Ole Cape Cod

[For those playing at home, take a look at the tracklistings of this album and this album. They are the first two in his "50 States Project." Once you've done that, go buy "Illinois," because it is terrific. Everyone agrees.]

[from rivers]

[Click here for the complete (so far) Hypothetical Sufjan discography.]


Anonymous said...

The Minuteless Men of Lexington and Concord. (Hurry! Quick! Haste! Actually Don't worry it's Just a Re-Inactment)

Philabuster said...

"We'll Never Forget That Man Named Mookie"

Alayna said...

Wista, Werster, Woosta, Worcester! Oh, How Many Ways There Are To Pronounce The City's Name!

For The Natives Who've Ever Gotten Lost In Boston, Or Just Drove Through A Square Or Rotary. (Those Without Directionals Speed Past On The Right And Pahk The Cah In Hahvad Yahd.)

MattB said...

Careful with that Axe, Lizzie Borden

MattB said...

To The Four Towns Drowned By The Quabbin Reservoir, To Which We Drink This Cold Tap Water.