Tuesday, May 23, 2006

An Imagined Phone Conversation

[An imagined phone conversation between Gael Garcia Bernal and his agent.]

Agent: Hey, Gael, how's it going?
Gael: It's okay.
Agent: Great. Did you get those two scripts I sent you?
Gael: Eh...which ones?
Agent: Well, one, is a romantic comedy about Hispanic-American life with massive crossover potential, and the other one is really creepy with lots of kinky sex and absolutely no mainstream appeal.
Gael: Oh, yes. Yes. I read them both...
Agent: So, any interest?
Gael: Yes. I am interested in - uh - the first one.
Agent [surprised]: Oh. The first one. Oh! Uh...great! Great! I'll give 'em a call.
Gael: Wait. The first one was the kinky sex one, right?
Agent: No, Gael. The first one was the romantic comedy.
Gael: No, sorry. I don't want that one. I want the kinky sex one.


Agent: Of course you do.
Gael: I read the kinky sex one first, so I had that in my head as "the first one."
Agent: Gotcha. I'll give them a call.

Gael: Thank you.
Agent: Can I ask you a question?
Gael: Of course.
Agent: Uh, do you hate me?

[Gael thinks for a second.]

Gael: Yes. I do.
Agent: Good. To. Know. Thanks. Have a good one.
Gael: You, too.

[The End.]