Monday, May 15, 2006

Hypothetical Sufjan Stevens Albums - No. 12

Tennessee by Sufjan Stevens

1 - A Self-Guided Tour of Graceland (in Portuguese)

2 - Riding Around in Circles With Red Grooms
3 - You've Got To Drive Through Pigeon Forge To Get To Dollywood
4 - See Rock City
5 - Vanderbilt O! Vanderbilt
6 - Burning Lynchburg For The Charcoal
7 - The Ghost Of Johnny Cash Roams the Hendersonville Kroger Parking Lot
8 - Looking Down From The World's Fair Needle, All I Saw Was Orange
9 - They Aren't Kidding About Prince's Hot Chicken
10 - Who Set Fire To The World's Largest Wooden Bucket In Murfreesboro?
11 - We All Live In A Parallelogram Universe, How 'bout Y'all?
12 - Good Roads To Bad Schools
13 - Twenty Bucks Says Andrew Jackson Would Have Kicked Davy Crockett's Ass
14 - Let's Go Caving! Blue Springs! Camp's Gulf! Scott's Gap! Watch Out for the Bats!!!
15 - The Chattanooga Choo-Choo, or, Why Can't We Just Go To the Aquarium? pt. 1
16 - Pat Boone, the Real Bell Witch
17 - The Tennessee Valley Authority Wants You To Turn It Down or, Lights Out In Lebanon
18 - The Seven State Songs
19 - My Favorite Part Of Nashville is the Nekkid People In The Roundabout
20 - The Bellsouth Batman Building Watches Over Us or, Bruce Wayne Makes the Right Call

[from John Brassil and his daughter Jil]

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Anonymous said...

These I like. Very quirky. Very Sufjan.