Sunday, May 21, 2006

An Imagined Conversation

[An imagined conversation between Paul Auster and Jonathan Lethem.]

Auster: I love Brooklyn.
Lethem: I love it, too.


Auster: I think I love it more than you do.
Lethem: No.
Auster: Yeah.
Lethem: Why?
Auster. I don't know. You seem conflicted about it.


Lethem: "The New York Trilogy" is overrated.
Auster: "Fortress of Solitude" is pretentious.
Lethem: Did you just call me pretentious? That's rich. "Hey, pot, kettle's on the phone for ya."
Auster: Your prose is purple.
Lethem: Yours is dumb. Oh, oh, excuse me: Hemmingway-esque.


Lethem: Why do we fight like this?
Auster: I don't know.


Auster: I wish the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn.
Lethem: Me, too.
Wanna go to Coney Island?
Auster: Sure.

[The End.]

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