Thursday, May 25, 2006

Helpful Comments from Tom Waits to Contestants on American Idol from the Aborted Episode Where he was Supposed to be the Guest (Manilow Filled in)

- To Elliott on performing "Make it Rain" - "Just keep your hands at ten and two. Then let go of the wheel."
- To Kat on performing "Train Song" - "You're shooting pool at a joint on Hollywood Boulevard and you realize you left your front door open. When you come home, the place is overrun with strays. Dogs. And ladies."
- To Chris on performing "Cold Water" - "Sing it like a baked Alaska."
- To Pickler on performing "Ninth and Hennepin" - "You remind me of a girl I took shop class with at Roosevelt High in San Bernadino."
- To Paris on performing "Shore Leave" - "Singapore is no place for a girl like you. Make it count."
- To Taylor on performing "Earth Died Screaming" - "I like your dancin'. When you dance during this song, think about never having pumpkin pie again."

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